JS / 05.06.2023 / Alex

AR Quick Look

With the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro, we've officially stepped into the future of Augmented Reality (AR). Our iOS devices, already packed with AR technology, are providing an exciting sneak peek into the transformative potential of AR on websites across a multitude of real-world applications.

Harnessing the Power of AR Quick Look

To spark AR functionality into life, the process calls for a link infused with the rel="ar" attribute, an ar-object link, and an image nestled inside:

<a rel="ar" href="/assets/models/my-model.usdz">
    <img src="/assets/models/my-model-thumbnail.jpg" /> 

Adding a Dash of Commerce with the Pay Button

If you're looking to enhance your AR experience with commerce features, you'll need to attach link hash parameters such as applePayButtonType. Check out this example:


Custom banners follow a similar drill: