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👋 Hi, join my coding journey towards $10K/month! I'm a seasoned React dev sharing tips and tutorials. Dive into CSS, JavaScript, React, and more with me!

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    1. Ready to make your digital life bulletproof like a Siberian bunker? Check out our latest step-by-step guide on backing up your entire MacBook, fortified with Russian-hacker-approved methods! From activating iCloud's Advanced Data Protection to open-source alternatives that make you untouchable, we cover it all.

    2. Crack the code of JavaScript's non-blocking nature! Master the concept of the Event Loop and boost your prowess for technical interviews. Dive deep into Promises, timers, user events, and understand the dance of micro and macrotasks. Don't just code, code smart!

    3. Learn how to configure your MacBook terminal for an optimized coding experience. Ideal for React and JavaScript developers aiming to improve efficiency and workflow.

    4. With the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro, we've officially stepped into the future of Augmented Reality (AR). Our iOS devices, already packed with AR technology, are providing an exciting sneak peek into the transformative potential of AR on websites across a multitude of real-world applications.

    5. Ever wondered how to transform your website into a PWA? TypeScript, React, Tailwind, and Vite. Learn how to create a web manifest, design icons, add safe area padding, work with service workers, and use Workbox tools to manage your PWA.

    6. From Structural vs Nominal typing to the nuances of Utility Types and Discriminated Unions. It's a must-read for anyone looking to level up their TypeScript game!

    7. I dive deep into the concepts of scoping and closures, breaking them down in a way that's easy to understand and remember.

    8. Dive into the heart of JavaScript with this comprehensive guide. Understand the basic data types, leverage built-in object data types, and master operators to supercharge your frontend development skills.

    9. Boost your technical blog with React, TypeScript, and GatsbyJS. Learn to create a mobile-first, responsive design that complies with Web Accessibility standards (W3C/WCAG). Dive into the world of frontend development and elevate your blogging game.

    10. Unleash the potential of your coding pet projects and transform them into profitable ventures. Discover how to leverage your JavaScript and React skills to become a pro in the programming world. Don't just code, code with a purpose!

    11. Join me on my journey as I set up my new MacBook Pro M2 Max. From installing essential tools like Git and GitHub to setting up my preferred JavaScript and React development environment, I'll share my process and tips for a smooth transition

    12. Step into the vibrant world of HDR and CSS. Learn how to utilize wider color gamuts like Display P3 and Rec. 2020 to enhance your frontend development projects. Discover the power of 50% more colors on HDR-supported displays.