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  1. Automate Your LinkedIn Profile Update with ChatGPT
    • Use this ChatGPT Prompt for a Customized Bio and Work Experience:

My current highlight: «». 
My current bio: «».   

Rewrite my work experience in COMPANY_NAME based on examples below.
Explain domain and company scales. Highlight numbers of users, stores and other metrics applicable. Explain my role and areas of responsibility. 
Highlight I can work alone OR in a team,
show that I’ve led a project from scratch to production OR maintained an ongoing project,
collaborated with other teams, managed tasks and brought them to completion.
Keep it short, 400 characters maximum. Use simple and active language, no cliches.

Use format: ``. // schema of example
Like that: ``. // example

My job description: «». // copy 'About Us' from its website
My work experience now: «».    

Other people examples: «».
  • Examples for Inspiration: Search for attractive positions in your preferred locations. Use these findings to fill in the gaps in your profile.
  1. Expand Your Network
    • Seek out senior professionals and architects in your preferred companies and locations. Connect with them without needing an introduction.