Lifestyle / 12.06.2023 / Alex

MacBook Terminal

Hey there! Today, we’re going to set up your MacBook’s terminal. Make your React and JavaScript coding even more awesome. I’ve got some cool tips and tricks for both newbies and pros. Let’s jump right in!


Before I start, let’s clear up some terms. Your terminal has a “shell” (like zsh or bash), and an interface or terminal (like iTerm or HyperTerm). The shell is like the brain—it figures out what your commands mean. The interface is like your keyboard—it lets you talk to the shell. When you type commands, you’re typing them into the “prompt” or console.


Next up: Starship. It’s a handy tool that makes your terminal faster and easier to use. Confused with iTerm and powerlevel10k plugins? Starship saves you time by doing everything through brew.


We’re nearly there. Let’s finish off with a few more tips:

Getting your terminal set up just right can make your coding quicker and more enjoyable. Whether you’re working on a mobile-friendly design, making a website accessible (following W3C/WCAG standards), or just coding up a storm in JavaScript or React. Make your terminal a best friend.